Structure & Earthquake Research Center (SERC) has been established in 2009, at the Amirkabir University of Technology to lead research projects and studies in the field of structure and earthquake zone in construction and buildings, transportation and bridges fields by different specialties in order to optimize analyzing methods, production and consumption in the country and international levels. 

The main purpose of the establishment of the Structure and Earthquake Institute is a research hub capable to gather scientists and industries experts of all interdisciplinary domains to develop the proper ways of project managing and also using the renewable methods. 

Supporting, developing and conducting sustainable development is a key challenge for the future that is strongly addressed through activities at SERC.

Research Focus/Goals

Close relationship with various industries of the country in order to identify scientific and research needs on structural and earthquake issues and to help them solve problems 

• Conduct applied research to identify, control and optimized solution methods 

• Communicate with Iranian and foreign researchers and experts in the field of modern technology in order to preserve the structure 

• Development Research section of the website to access information online 

• Research in all fields related to the structure & earthquake based on the basic needs of the country and the world. 

• Appropriate communication with relevant ministries and buildings organizations in Iran and the world to help identify and resolve analyzing and constructions issues 

• Construction consultancy in various fields 

• Short and long term specialized courses, specialized workshops - Research and educational seminars to train experts in various fields of structure and earthquake. 

• Using a variety of teachers and students and training them 

• To strengthen relationship with the university centers and institutes and researches organizations 

• Innovation in teaching methods and research topics in the field of structure and earthquake


The following labs are available to support research activities at SERC. 

• Structure Lab (Civil and Environmental Engineering Department) 

• Soil Mechanical Lab (Civil and Environmental Engineering Department) 

• Chemical Contaminant Measurement Lab (Chemical Engineering Department) 

• Hydraulic Lab (Civil and Environmental Engineering Department) 

• Polymer Lab (Polymer Engineering Department) 

• Chemical Polymer Lab (Polymer Engineering Department) 

• Waste and water research Lab (Textile Engineering Department) 

• XRD and XRF Lab (Mining and Metallurgy Lab) 

• Geochemistry Lab (Mining and Metallurgy Lab)

Research Projects: (some of ongoing projects)

• Studies of monorail for urban railway in Karaj Province 

• Studies of earthquake retrofitting of railways in Lorestan Province 

• Studies of geotechnical for Tehran-Ahwas railway 

• Studies of monitoring for structures and major buildings in IRAN 

• Study and definition of earthquake table for experimental modeling in Tehran Province 

• Study and definition of national concrete building design software according to national building cod 

• Studies of redesign of bridges in Tehran 

• Studies of innovative composite steel shear wall by numerical and experimental methods



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