Shaking table device of Amirkabir University of Technology have been designed and implemented by planning of Structure and Earthquake Center (SERC) and by using experiences of native experts. Nowadays, some of developed countries such as USA, United Kingdom, French, Germany, Spain, China, and Korea have adequate ability to design and develop shaking tables. Shaking table of Amirkabir University is single degree of freedom and its velocity is 300 millimeter per second. The dimension of this table is 2.5 X 4 meter. This table can simulate two types of loading including harmonic and earthquake waves. Maximum load bearing of the table is 15 ton and maximum acceleration produced by it is 1.5 g. On the other hand, maximum displacement which can be applied to the system is 250mm. This device has two motors that each of them can produce a velocity equal to 150 millimeter per second. Moreover, this device can be applied by two or one motor in order to simulate velocity in system. Furthermore, cyclic loading can be simulated by this system and also there is an appropriate agreement between input and produced waves. Besides, Fourier spectrums of these waves indicate required accuracy and achievement to the demanded frequency.

This device has ability for measuring a variety of structures according to limitation of weight and produced wave. It is necessary to say that input waves must be applied to the system in form of displacement. Moreover, acceptation of input frequencies according to Fourier spectrum of wave can be done. In order to good placement of model on table, an appropriate crane has been designed.

The services of this center for variety of testing have mentioned in bellow:

1-    Numerical modelling and design and construction of models.

2-    Experiment on shaking table and codification of operation report.

3-    Design of instrumentation system and supplying demanded instruments such as strain gages, accelerometer, LVDT, and data logger. 

Moreover, this center can help applicant in any step of test and facilitate testing. This system has an accelerometer and applicant can determine acceleration applied to the system. Since some of input waves need to modification, this center can help applicant in this case.

The center is ready to corporation with applicants in any level. Applicants can see our website or call with 64545537 to gain extra information.

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